Why Mechanized Cleaning

Clean has become business critical, and here’s why: the con uence of rising standards and a growing focus on public health continues to drive fundamental shifts in the commercial and industrial cleaning industries — pushing cleanliness from a “table stakes” expectation to a true competitive differentiator for organizations across all segments.

Clean spaces impact your bottom line, period.

Clean Matters

  • 90% of consumers say they will not consider patronizing businesses with negative cleanliness reviews.
  • 85% of consumers say that visible cleaning is critically important.
  • 25% of consumers say cleaning and sanitation is the top factor in choosing which businesses to visit.
  • 2.4% increase in overall cost of labour in 2020.
  • 75-85% of most janitorial budgets is labour.

Productivity is Key

  • 71% of managers say that improving labor productivity is a key priority.
  • Data-driven cleaning fleets achieve higher productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Clean up to 3x longer with water-reducing technology like ec-H2O NanoClean®.
  • Cleaning with an automated scrubber is up to 64% faster than a mop and bucket*.

Health & Safety

  • Typical slip-and-fall injuries cost employers $47,000.
  • 150 million workdays are missed each year due to poor indoor air quality and the related health issues it causes.
  • Mechanized cleaning machines can help decrease 52% of airborne dust and 40% of bacteria found within the building.

Benefits of Mechanized Cleaning

  • Automated equipment, like the CS5, can save approximately 300 hours of labor and nearly $4,500 in labor costs per year.
  • Clean up to 13 hours a day with robotic cleaning machines.
  • Floor scrubbers, like the i-mop XL Plus can delivery up to 90% cleaner surfaces compared to conventional mopping.

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